Calling All Moms, Dads
and Teachers!

So, you think you have considered everything when it comes to your child's education?
Well...maybe not. Have you thought about the LIGHTING in the classroom?
How many times does your child complain about being tired after lunch? Or maybe, they just can't
settle down for reading time in class.What about test taking? It's important
that they can focus and concentrate.

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Tunable White Lighting allows a teacher to “tune” the color of the light to be just right for the activity. And this impacts student behavior and performance. Lighting becomes a tool in the modern classroom.
Skeptical? Well, you should be. After all, it is your kiddos and their education. But there is research to support the positive impact of tunable white lighting on students’ mood, behavior, concentration, and focus. Learn more about tunable white.

  • Thanks for all of the great essays about “What Light Means to Me!” We will announce one winner in each K – 5 grade in January!