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Smart & Simple Solutions for Utilities

The American Electric Lighting brand offers utilities a wide portfolio of solutions that are designed from the ground up with utilities’ unique needs in mind. Our products can help you drive operating costs down through installation and maintenance savings of 50% or more. Add to that the additional revenue that you can generate through a lighting program that enhances customer safety and satisfaction through reliable, better quality lighting.

AEL Utility LED Solutions

  • Provide quick and easy installation
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Provide longer system life
  • Simplify inventory hassles
  • Save Utilities time and money
  • Provide a truly sustainable solution

Featured Product
Autobahn ATBL

The ATBL is the newest addition to the next generation Autobahn series of roadway products. Replacing 250-400W HID cobraheads, the ATBL utilizes the latest LED technology and precision engineered glass optics.

The ATBL provides exceptional illumination while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. It also works seamlessly with advanced Acuity Brands® controls which allow for maximized energy savings and enhanced monitoring and reporting functions.