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Dean Thornberry

Vertical Marketing Leader, Infrastructure


Dean Thornberry is the Vertical Marketing Leader for Acuity Brands® Infrastructure Group. He has over 15 years of product and market development experience with energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Dean is a U.S. Army Veteran and has a degree in Advertising from The Ohio State University.

Integrated lighting and controls engineered to work together are optimized for maximum efficiency and interoperability. This brings not only additional savings in terms of energy costs, but also in reduced maintenance. The reliability of these types of lighting platforms can also greatly enhance safety.



An integrated solution from Holophane, AEL and Acuity Controls transformed the city of El Paso, TX while revitalizing the downtown area. Energy and maintenance costs were reduced by 67% while enhancing safety and sustainability.



Lighting renovation not only changes the appearance of your downtown at night, but also during the day. Period architectural lighting can dramatically raise the aesthetic appeal of the streetscape while connecting the town with its citizens and heritage.

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We have definitely witnessed an increase in the number of people and businesses coming downtown, and more downtown investing.

Bruce Collingwood
Pittsfield Public Works & Utilities Commissioner